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Sony Pictures Entertainment suffers a cyber attack on day 2

Sony Pictures Entertainment suffers a cyber attack on day 2

Sony Pictures was hit by a hack, due to which the employees had to shut their computers on Monday. On the second day too, they remain shut. The online cyber attack has made the employees at Culver City studio unable to log on to their computers. The employees are now working on paper and pens, using landline phones and continuing work. All the other branches have however remained totally unaffected...


Fashion designer Oscar de la Renta dies at 82


A designer to the stars, Oscar de la Renta, a favourite of socialites and Hollywood stars, died at 82 years of age. He shaped the wardrobe of socialites and Hollywood stars for more than 40 years. On the death bed at home in Connecticut, he was surrounded by family and friends and “more than a few dogs”, his stepdaughter Eliza Reed Bolen and her husband Alex Bolen said. “While our hearts are...


Nike hosts all-star female athletes, to win over womenswear


At an event hosted in Manhattan, Nike called up its roster of all-star ladies from all over the world to make a statement: We will win womenswear. The company now collects about $5 billion a year from women, roughly $18 of every $100 of its revenue dollars. Nike expects to expand its sales to women by 40 percent within the next four years. “There’s more opportunity now than ever before,” Nike...


6 foods that can spice up your Sex Life


It takes more than scented candles, soft music, caviar, French wine and the loveliest of backdrops to ‘feel’ sexy. Stressful lifestyle and a perpetual shortage of time coupled with unhealthy lifestyle have dealt havoc with the sex lives of millions of people across the world. But that does not mean that all is lost! “The link between food and sex drive isn’t just wishful thinking,”...


Your calories intake may get excessive during Thanksgiving Day

Your calories intake may get excessive during Thanksgiving Day

Considering the fact that Thanksgiving Day is all about feasting and partying, health authorities are of the mind that you could be overeating and gaining too much calories in the process. People consume a lot of snacks, cookies, drinks and other varieties of food in the Thanksgiving day celebrations, and some people end up gaining weight that they will have trouble shedding much after. Some people...