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Hacker group LizarSquad takes control of Taylor Swift’s Twitter and Instagram account

Taylor Swift
by Viraj Shah - 28 January 2015

Hackers, who are believed to belong to the notorious LizardsSquad, took control of two social media accounts of Taylor Swift. The hackers claimed to have obtained nude photos of the star singer. However, Swift dismissed the claims, saying the attackers found nothing nude about her. Swift’s Twitter and Instagram...


Obama administration to impose a new model for payments for Medicare


The Obama administration has proposed a new model to evaluate the compensation for hospitals, doctors and other care-providers under Medicare. The new model shifts focus from line-item payments for individual service offered to a new system that judges on the basis of the quality of care provided. The move could be a historic change in the Medicare model. The Health and Human Services (HHS) Department...


Obama administration proposes to drill the Atlantic Coast for Crude Oil


The Obama administration’s new proposal aims at improving the country’s economic activity by exploiting the Atlantic Coast for oil and gas. The administration suggested that some areas off the Coast could be drilled to obtain oil and gas. However, the proposal lured a host of negative views from the East Coast senators. They argue that the Atlantic Coast should be off limits. In this context,...


Super bowl to hit Arizona: Mayor skeptical about financial implications

Super Bowl XLIX

The fact that the time is near when the NFL will hit the town of Arizona in the near time promises a period of economic boom for the city. However, Mayor of Glenadale isn’t optimistic about the money that would be generated by this year’s big game. Instead, according to the Mayor, by the time when the Super Bowl XLIX comes to an end, Glenadale Arizona might be the biggest losers in this game,...


Lyft turns to more acceptable decoration for car identity


Lyft is pulling down the big furry mustache that has identified its cars for years. The company will now have what the management said is a more modern and more acceptable decoration – a small mustache that glows at night. The new version of the Lyft mustache will have its place on the dashboard, attached with the help of a magnet. Some people could not use a Lyft car because of the fuzzy pink...


Lottery adverts sweeter than sweet


Lotteries worldwide are waking up to the wonders of creative advertising. Yes, it’s still mostly about gigantic jackpots and the lavish lifestyles that-could-be, but they are definitely getting the tongue-in-cheek right more and more. Commercials for the biggest lotteries these days are pretty engaging and entertaining, with a fun quotient right up there with beer ads. There’s a distinct shift...