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Two Brazilian companies finally buy banana company Chiquita for $1.3 billion

Bananas bearing Chiquita stickers are displayed for sale in a store in central London

Chiquita has sealed a deal to be acquired by two Brazilian companies for about $681 million, with the U.S.-based banana producer expected to go private by the end of this year or early next. The deal comes just days after the fresh produce company’s shareholders rejected plans to merge with Fyffes, another major banana producer, based in Ireland. The acquisition is a victory for Brazilian-Lebanese...


Microsoft unveils $199 health wearable, Microsoft Band


Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) joining the race has now finally unveiled a new type of wearable that is compatible across several devices. Introducing the Microsoft Band company has removed what’s been missing with the Windows Phone devices. The watch, like any other smartwatch in the market, also has the capabilities to track and monitor the users’ health, display notifications and do other basic...


Fashion designer Oscar de la Renta dies at 82


A designer to the stars, Oscar de la Renta, a favourite of socialites and Hollywood stars, died at 82 years of age. He shaped the wardrobe of socialites and Hollywood stars for more than 40 years. On the death bed at home in Connecticut, he was surrounded by family and friends and “more than a few dogs”, his stepdaughter Eliza Reed Bolen and her husband Alex Bolen said. “While our hearts are...


Nike hosts all-star female athletes, to win over womenswear


At an event hosted in Manhattan, Nike called up its roster of all-star ladies from all over the world to make a statement: We will win womenswear. The company now collects about $5 billion a year from women, roughly $18 of every $100 of its revenue dollars. Nike expects to expand its sales to women by 40 percent within the next four years. “There’s more opportunity now than ever before,” Nike...


A new Leopard Frog Species found from New York City and surrounding Atlantic Coasts


A new specie of frog has been discovered in NYC for the first time since 1882. Surprisingly, the latest new frog species to have been discovered has been found in the urban jungle of New York City and surrounding coastal areas. The authors of the research paper state, “We describe a new cryptic species of leopard frog from the New York City metropolitan area and surrounding coastal regions. This...


Audi recalls 850,000 units of A4 worldwide to replace faulty airbags


Audi is recalling 850,000 A4 models due to airbag problems, half of the airbags in its largest markets of Germany and China have been found faulty. The luxury carmaker found faulty software in A4 models delivered after 2012. The fault could prevent front airbags from deploying, a spokesman at Audi’s Ingolstadt-based headquarters said on Thursday. Audi said its faulty airbags are not made by...


The Top Five Casino Myths


Trends in the 21st century have catapulted the casino movie genre to success – whether it’s four bachelor boys making a big mess in Las Vegas or folks trying to use sophisticated tools to fool the industry, they all make a great recipe for blockbusting success. With the recent offering of casino movies, inevitably there have been a few myths arising from Hollywood. One of perhaps the most...