California teen in a vegetative state, undergoes surgery at new facility after court fight

Jan 8 (Reuters) – A California girl, Jahi McMath, 13 who was acknowledged brain-dead following a tonsillectomy last month and subsequently moved to a new care facility after a legal battle has gone through a tracheotomy and gastrostomy surgery procedure. The surgery was conducted to insert feeding and breathing tubes, a family attorney said on Wednesday.

Christopher Dolan, attorney for the girl’s family, tweeted, “She is doing very well, and now getting the treatment she should have gotten 28 days ago. Doctors are optimistic that her condition has stabilized.”

The case is attracting wide attention both nationally and internationally. A hot debate is taking place among pro-life groups as to keep her body alive in its present vegetative condition. The pro group also includes the family of a Florida woman who died in 2005 after a 15-year battle.

The attorney has not revealed when or where the procedures were carried out. Dolan also charged that Jahi had wasted away at Children’s Hospital and it is also possible that the kid may not make it.

Jahi was admitted to the Children’s Hospital for a tonsillectomy operation but went into a coma due to complications. The kid suffered a Cardiac arrest and brain swelling. Jahi was declared brain dead and preparations were being made to switch off her life support system. However her family has fought in state and federal court to keep her on life support. The restraining order which seeks to bar the hospital authorities from removing the Jahi’s life support system expires on Tuesday.

Jahi’s mother, Nailah Winkfield is seeking to raise $20000 to pay for Jahi’s transfer, but it has already exceeded $55000. Both the family and the lawyer have refused to name or reveal the location where Jahi is being kept fearing violence from persons who oppose with the handling og Jahi’s case.


  1. What a stupid title for the article. She isn’t in a vegetative state, she is dead. And now they have performed surgeries on her? Ugh, thank God she can’t feel pain.

  2. Reader beware: this article is the pinnacle of uneducated, irresponsible reporting. The girl in question is not in a “vegetative condition”, and is not in a “coma”. She is dead, by both medical and legal definition. That is an entirely different state than “vegetative” or “comatose”. It as is final and irreversible as death would be if a person’s brain was removed. Her brain no longer exists in any sense of the concept— physically or functionally. Sad as that is, that means she no longer exists.

    For the past month her family has insisted on keeping the remainder this poor girl’s body in an artificial state that gives the illusion of life by mechanically pumping oxygen into her lungs. That forces oxygen into her blood and allows the heart to continue beating. But her body is now beginning to decay as well. The sworn medical exam affidavits, which are on the public record, state the current details of that post-mortem decay in graphic detail. She will never “heal” or “wake up” from this any more than your dead ancestors will “wake up” from their graves. No amount of food or medicine will reverse death.

    This has gone over the top, turning a tragic event to an increasingly ghastly and ghoulish situation. The people “treating” her now have essentially turned her body into a mad science experiment. Articles like this, sloppily authored by people who do not take the time to research the basic facts, are shamefully contributing to public ignorance and misunderstanding about the realities of death.