Breast Cancer recurrence can be perceived by new Blood Test

Researchers have reported that doctors may predict the returning of breast cancer along woman’s response to treatment with the help of a new blood test.

The study’s co-author and a breast cancer program co-director in Baltimore, Saraswati Sukumar said, “We did this with exactly a dollop of serum [blood].”

After collecting patient’s blood, the team of researchers segregates circulating tumor DNA. With the help of genetics test, they can detect any of 10 breast cancer-causing genes (professionals call it hypermethylation).

This is what the new study published in journal Cancer Research says:

“Using cMethDNA test, researchers will be able to use the gene activity like an indication of returning cancer and to see the treatment is going well or not,” Sukumar predicted.

“This will indicate reoccurrence more often as earlier imaging was the only option.” She further added.

There are other blood tests available in the market aiming same objective, but we can’t consider them a reliable option.” Sukumar and another breast cancer expert told the media reporter.

Doctors are still using traditional methods by relying on patient complaints along with imaging studies to find out the chances of reoccurrence of breast cancer. The new test was experimented on 55 healthy women and 57 who are fighting with breast cancer.

“With the test, we are able to detect precisely over 90% of those who have recurrent cancer and 9% of cancer reoccurrence were not positively correct.” Sukumar said.

The director of women’s cancer program, Dr. Joanne Mortimer said, “This test has given us a new hope and that’s why we need to study it in detail as other tests are unreliable.”