Microsoft: No Internet Explorer for Apple iOS and Google Android

Posted on by Abby Smith

A report has emerged that Microsoft(NASDAQ: MSFT) is not planning to launch Internet Explorer for the iOS and Android devices. Microsoft will not release any other version of IE, except one that runs on Windows Phone. It is without any doubt that IE is supposedly the most-hated browser the Redmond giant has ever developed, however, the team is keeping up to develop a better version for it for the Windows Phone.


The Internet Explorer team emerged on the Reddit Ask Me and answered few of the questions you might all be wondering about. When asked: “Will internet explorer be ported on Android or iOS?” Charles Morris of the Internet Explorer dev team replied: “Right now, we’re focused on building a great mobile browser for Windows Phone and have made some great progress lately. So, no current plans for Android/iOS.”

“We are committed to improving our engine. We love the fact that the web was built on multiple competing (yet interoperable) platforms and believed that this is how it is going to move forward into the future!” he added.

Jacob, however, uncovered an advantage for the developers using Apple computers, he said that Microsoft will provide free virtual machines for the Mac developers to test their websites on the Internet Explorer, which will help them standardizing their websites on almost every browser.

In another question, the IE team was also asked if they will release a newer version of the browser or only the bug fixes and patch updates, to this Jacob replied, “Starting with IE11, we’ve been shipping more than just security & reliability features via the existing monthly “Patch/Update Tuesdays.” Last week we shipped new F12 Developer Tools, WebGL Instancing Extension, and the groundwork to support WebDriver. We’ll continue to use this approach.”

Internet Explorer is around since the birth of the Internet, however, other browsers, including Chrome and Firefox, holds a majority in the market share.

  • John_Westra

    “It is without any doubt that IE is supposedly the most-hated browser” Undoubtedly and Supposedly are NOT synonyms. Betcha dat jurnalist / Eenglush degree ya got yerself is reel purdy!

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  • Startup Tech Guy

    Youre actually incorrect in history the first browser was actually called WorldWideWeb after that was the short lived ERwise and then Mosaic and then Netscape and then in 1995 the original Microsoft IE

  • Pullirajah Rajah

    Is it safe to use IE?