West Nile virus strikes back in the United States
Posted by Clinton Hesler on 24th August 2014

The U.S. researchers reported West Nile virus in the mosquitoes trapped at various locations. With this, they are certain of arrival of the virus in the continent. The places where the virus was accounted are Golden Hills Wilderness Park, Texas, Minnesota, and Tennessee.

Other evidence of the incursion of the virus this year includes a case of 60 year old man from Massachusetts. Although authorities are uncertain of where the man was exposed to infected mosquito, but it was confirmed that he is being treated for a very rare case of the virus.


West Nile virus is contracted by a mosquito bite. The mosquitoes which are vectors (carriers) of the virus are mostly found in tropical and temperate regions of the world. It is a viscous virus and can affect humans in basically two primary ways.

Among all the ways, the most severe one is the West Nile neuroinvasive disease, which can affect the spinal cord and brain. In some of the rare cases, it has been known to cause paralysis, brain damage and even death at times.

However, in the majority of the cases, the virus doesn’t cause latent harm to human. The least severe form of the disease may cause a flu-like symptom.

10% of the people may go undetected of the disease because they do not show the symptoms. The only way to get detected of the disease is to have a blood test get done. Highest risk develops when the age of the person exceeds 65.

“It’s a more dangerous disease to get, though it’s a lot less prevalent than West Nile. But any time a mammal is infected there is a risk posed to humans”, said Alan Dupuis, a New York researcher and an expert on the virus.

The bad news with this is that, the virus has not got any vaccination for the cure. But luckily, the disease can be easily prevented. Since, it’s a mosquito-borne infection, the best preventive method is to prevent the incubation of the insect’s eggs. This can be done by not allowing the stagnation of the collected water. Protection from the disease is easy vigilant steps are taken.