The police in Cali, Colombia, are still hunting for a man who dropped off his 11-year old daughter at a hospital to be treated following cocaine capsules explosion in her stomach, and then ran away. The father and child had booked a flight to Madrid and still had some hours to kill at the airport before their flight took off, when the girl started developing stomach cramps after one of the 104 capsules of cocaine she had ingested burst inside her stomach.

The father had driven her to a hospital in the Caribbean city of Cali where a life-saving operation was done on her to extract all the capsules from her stomach – but by then, her father had fled and disappeared into thin air.

“Everything is pointing to the fact this youngster was going to be used in a twisted way by adults as a drug mule to transport drugs from Colombia to another country,” Cali police chief Hoover Penilla said. “They had flights reserved to travel from Cali to Bogota…with a final destination of Gran Canaria.”

Although the little girl is in relatively stable condition now, the Colombian Family Welfare Institute vows to take the girl into custody until further investigations are completed, and to protect her from a harmful family that would use her as a drug mule. And then, security and health authorities believe her to be the world’s youngest drug mule at 11.

Police located the girl’s mother and she promptly claimed she is estranged from her husband, but police had reasons to believe she is lying. Abundant proofs in her family home point to the fact that she still lives with her husband, and an international passport and plane ticket to Spain belonging to the woman were found during a search operation in her home; detectives also found that the girl’s parents had applied for a visa to enable her travel abroad. The girl’s school also testified to the fact that her parents had said she wouldn’t be around for a whole month. The young girl continues to be treated at the Cali Valle del Lili Hospital in southwestern Colombia.

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