Since the Snowden divulgation, a bit more than a year before, today more people have become knowledgeable about little privacy they have on the Internet. But their government try to have eye on them much more that people thought they would within the field of the law.

Its people job to be more focused towards their privacy tools to protect themselves, it’s not a spy company or agencies they have to worry, but from the professional hackers also who can take out their information if it is not properly encoded or secured. There are a lot of question asked from ordinary internet users, ideally, and encryption is something new and invisible to the end- user.

This is a place where big tech and security agencies can do a lot to protect their huge userbases without the user because they are doing nothing. Otherwise, it will come up with a desperate battle to get people to use encryption, especially user using any encryption technology means your friends or other people must use it. Therefore, it will create a chicken-and- egg problem.
There’s been a good news for all that some of the highly profile Internet companies have started to work and to be more focused on security, in the queue one being Google, Yahoo, Microsoft—and even Facebook.

Google (NASDAQ:- GOOG)
Google is joined with the internet these days in many ways, but it never taken the responsibility lightly. Back in 2010, was among the first main email providers to offer HTTPS encryption by default for its Gmail users. That mean whole Gmail traffic was being encrypted and limited between the users and Gmail services. Previously the tech giant also emphasised on increasing security. further information of which can be seen at

Microsoft has recently started to strengthen the security system of its online services,
Microsoft thinks that this encryption can be used for the following purposes:
1. A bank sending credit card statements to a customer over email.
2. An insurance company is providing details about the policy to clients.
3. A consultant is sending a contract to a client.



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