The 1934 Dust Bowl of 1934 has been confirmed by NASA to be the worst in 1,000 years to hit North America. Partnering with Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory to measure extreme and severe weather conditions in North America, NASA reports that the drought of 1934 was the worst to have happened in North America for 1,000 years to the present date.

Two droughts have been recorded in recent history to be the worst in North America – the 1580 drought and the 1934 drought, but the 1934 drought was adjudged to be 30% worse and more deadly than the 1580 drought case. Researchers used two main indicators from the Climate Scientist of Goddard Institute for Space Studies to arrive at this fact, one was the modern weather records and the other was tree rings.

According to authorities, certain factors that made the 1934 Dust Bowl to be the worst in history was the 71% High Pressure System that hovered over North America at this time – it prevented the rains. Climate change also contributed to the drought; and bad agriculture practice at this time contributed to the weather change that delayed the rains.

But then, the Fifth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has predicted that such droughts might occur again in the nearest future if people do not rise up to combat climate change and practices that might trigger droughts.

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