Fossils of the new species of Llallawavis Scagliai, also known as ‘Terror Bird’ have been discovered in Argentina. It is believed that the discovery was made in amidst the cliffs of over the La Estafeta beach in northern Argentina. The fossils were like pieces of a puzzle that contained the bird’s skull, bone of the eye, voice box, palate and trachea. If researchers had to put the same together, it would have given us the new species of this bird that stands approximately four feet tall.


It is rather interesting to learn that Llallawavis Scagliai, the so called terror birds were almost 10 feet tall and they inhabited South America, many millions of years ago. Llallawavis Scagliai weighed about 40 pounds and they found themselves in the grasslands more often.

They had a deep voice and it is believed that these birds were able to hear frequencies between about 380 and 4230 hertz only. When a CT scan of the inner ear was done by researchers, it was learnt that the bird could hear only sounds of low pitch. In a nutshell it can be concluded that the hearing capacity of the terror bird was below average. These birds also produced sounds that resembled the ones produced by the ostrich.

It is believed that these birds lived about 3.5 million years ago and records prove that they went extinct approximately 2.5 million years back. The discovery of the fossils of terror birds has made researchers point out that many interesting facts. One of them being these birds were far more diverse than what they were thought to be.


Experts in the industry are overwhelmed with the discovery of the fossils of this species of terror bird. Dr. Lawrence Witmer, paleontologist from Ohio University commented that it was a very exciting finding. This he said despite not being involved with the research. We will have to only wait and watch out for more interesting findings about this bird as researchers are doing their best to bring such facts to light.

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    • RealityAlwaysBites

      Wouldn’t work unless they are cannibalistic. Typically predators steer clear of each other.

      • Jack D. Montana

        Poor things would probably get sick.

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