Idaho – Wildlife officials have confirmed that about 2,000 snow geese literally fell dead while flying. These birds are known to be migratory in nature; however, a disease that has been diagnosed as avian cholera is the reason and can kill birds when in flight. Personnel of the Fish and Game Department of Idaho confirmed that they had picked up almost 2,000 dead snow geese that actually fell from the sky in the last couple of days.


The avian cholera can cause convulsions while flying in these birds causing them to fly unlike their basic nature, eventually falling from the sky, dead. The snow geese fly all the way to Alaska, which is their main breeding ground from Mexico and south western parts of the United States during this season.

It is still not clear from where they got infected, with the bacteria that brings about this avian cholera, but, it was very important that their dead bodies are removed as quickly as possible to prevent other birds from feeding on them and getting affected by the same disease. The United States Geological National Wildlife Health Center has certified that avian cholera can spread very quickly causing the snow geese and other birds from dying in a short period of time.

It is estimated that almost 10,000 snow geese pass through Idaho every March to rest and feed on the grain available at the fields in the vicinity. This is a process they follow every year on way back to Northern Alaska, which is their main breeding ground.

The officials have obtained samples of these birds to identify the nature of the bacteria as it can affect other birds too. In fact, there were some dead eagles also found in the region. The collected samples will be sent to a laboratory to clearly identify the cause of their death and avoid any further speculation in the matter. Apparently, the root cause is the bacteria Pasturella Multocida, but, further confirmation is awaited.

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