3D-printed implants have saved the lives of three boys; first of its kind case in the world. No one before them could avail this facility in the world. As per the reports, doctors have put a 3D imprinted device in the stents of their airways. All the other therapies suggest that the boys had life-threatening complications and could be very dangerous to young lives.

3d implants

What is the real difference:

The ordinary therapies were complicated and could put a risk on their lives, but there is no such risk involved in 3D printing technology. Reports claim that children had to stay back in hospital due to the use of tracheostomy tube with a mechanical ventilation system. Two major health risks that these kids are exposed to are respiratory and cardiac arrests.

After the 3D imprinted device has been put in three of these kids, doctors have found them normal and healthy. So far, they are not exposed to any health risk. The age of these three kids who have got the 3D printing treatment are three months, five months and sixteen months.

Before this technology was invented, the chance of survival of young lives were almost none, but now all three of them will have a long and bright future with no such health issue.

Pediatric tracheobronchomalacia leads to a massive collapse of airways while breathing. If continued for some time, it may result in cardiopulmonary arrests and stop the heart from functioning.

According to a recent study, the cartilage that supports the airways get strengthen as the condition of the children improves, but doctors have to execute immediate aggressive treatment sometimes. It puts lives of children at immense risk of death.

Before 3D printing technology came into existence, all the other therapies available for this problem carried life-threatening risks, but the situation is under control now and will continue to improve over time.

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