According to a research reported by The Washington Post, it was found that nearly 4.4 billion people on this planet do not have an access to the Internet. According to a new study from McKinsey and Company, it was reported that in an age where we are having high-speed Internet. People in the countries such as India are not even able to access it.

Many among them are still unaware of the browser, and its use to access the Internet, whereas other few are surviving on low speeds. Going by the statistics, a total of 736 million people have no Internet access in China. However, the figure reduces from 736 million to 210 million in Indonesia. Bangladesh has about 146 million people living without Internet.

In United States only, the number is high to 50 million, however, these figures also include those who didn’t opt for the Internet, they simply do not want to be online for any reason.

“But McKinsey suggests the gap is about more that mere interest. While the United States, like Russia and South Korea, has a large population of people who just don’t care to go online—a preference that, frequently, relates to age—there are serious issues of affordability and infrastructure, too,” the paper said.

“America’s disconnected tend to be literate, low-income women living in rural areas, where Internet access is either difficult or expensive to come by. In fact, America’s Internet divide can be seen primarily as a class divide: 80 percent of the country’s offline population falls below the poverty line, the highest proportion in any other country except Mexico.”

The figures are shown for some country, but when we compare it with the population, as many as 90% of the people do not have access to the Internet in countries such as Bangladesh.

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