Twitter has about 244 million monthly active and 981 million registered users, but with the recent reports the micro blogging website has about 44% of the accounts that has never sent out a tweet while the other 30% of the users have tweets in between one to ten.

On an average number of tweets  per account are around 5,871 and number of tweets per day has been calculated as 8.59 tweets per day. While the figures for Twitter accounts having more than 100,000 followers is just 0.1, most of the users have followers as low as 390. The data presented for the Twitter is very low when compared to other social media websites and the lack of users not tweeting and re-tweeting definitely puts a hard limit on the revenue generated by the company.

In an attempt to have more active users, Twitter is rolling out a new user interface, which is much similar to the Facebook cover pic layout. Unless a person is a priority or has a name in the high profile list, Twitter is just refraining itself from rolling it for everyone.

A few days ago, Twitter also acquired Cover app, an app especially tailored for Android users to have the frequently used apps on the lock screen. Although plans are not yet known, Twitter would probably be developing apps to enhance the Twitter experience for Android users.

The two attempts would probably help the micro blogging company in bringing more users aboard, infact the more active users.

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