An Ice Age woolly mammoth aged between 30,000 to 50,000 years has been sold to a private buyer through auction by a British auction house. And no, the woolly mammoth wasn’t sold – its skeletal remains was. The mammal which died some 10,000 years ago was sold for £189,000 or $300,000.

Called Monty, the mammoth’s skeletons had been owned for decades as a Eastern European private collection, but only mounted for sale in recent times by the Summers Place Auctions in Billinghurst, West Sussex, UK.

According to Errol Fullor, a curator, “Although mammoth are not as rare as some dinosaur skeletons, the chances to buy an almost complete skeleton don’t come up very often. We had interest from private buyers as well as institutions from around the world and there was bidding going on between buyers in the sale room and on the phones.”

Without revealing his private details, the UK buyer bought the collection over the phones. It actually went for £150,000 but when the buyer’s premium was added, it amounted to £189,000.

The auction house reports that that ancient mammal was 90% complete and only a bone or two was missing. ‘What’s exceptional about this one is it’s more or less complete with two magnificent tusks. There are one or two toes missing.” Weighing about 6 tons, the woolly mammoth measured 11-foot-6 (3.5 meters) in height, and 18 (5.5 meters) feet long.

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