Measles outbreak or not, Orlando’s Disney World and Disneyland in Anaheim, California, remain places that must be visited at least once a year to enjoy the best of fun and relaxation amongst friends and family; and business associates would also do well to plan visiting Disney theme parks once in a while to enjoy the best of relief from business stress.

However, based on personal experiences at making countless fun trips to Disney theme parks, the following tips would help anyone planning a trip to save money on flights and other indulgences, as well as cut down on stress that might be experienced at the parks.

  • Shop early for domestic flights

The earlier you shopped for domestic flights the better it is for your planned trips to Disney theme parks. It is advised you start shopping three months before departure to enable you complete all travel arrangements a month before take-off to avoid any foreseeable eventualities.

  • Compare airfare from various airports

If you’re planning to visit Disney World in Anaheim, flying to Tampa and then driving down 84 miles to Orlando is cheaper, but you can also fly direct to MCO in Orlando. There are rental cars available, and you can choose to combine activities at Florida beach with Disney among others. If you desire to go to Disney’s California Adventure Park, Santa Ana’s John Wayne Airport is closest, but LAX and LA’s hub are relatively cheaper; while Long Beach and Burbank can also be considered for best deals.

  • Get passes to reserve your favorite spots early enough

Reserve a free FastPass, FastPass+, or MagicBands online to avoid waiting in line and wasting time on queues. These will give you passes to theme parks in both Disneyland and neighboring California Adventure Park; you will also be able to reserve your favorite rides and other perks depending on the kind of pass you buy.

  • Choose an appropriate time

Having little children with you might mean you have to choose when to use certain rides. Lines are often shorter early in the morning.

  • Have fun and watch out for your kids

You can always choose a vantage point at some outdoor space to sit while sipping some wine from the Wine Country Trattoria as you keep an eye out for your kids.

  • Have your water bottle handy

You always have a lot of walking and trekking to do at Orlando and LA theme parks, so you must bring your own water in case it is hot. However, you are allowed to bring your own water bottles (not glass bottles) and you can fill these for free at any available fountains.

  • Crosscheck for your needs

Be mindful of the things to pack at the last minute. You might want to bring along pen and paper to get autographs, and you must start packing early so that you don’t forget anything.

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