PACIFIC, Calif – It is not clear yet as to what may have caused the death of an adult sperm whale. Scientists from the Bay Area are still very perplexed as to what killed the beached animal which was found dead at Sharp Park State Beach.

The 50-foot sperm whale and, which is very rare had been washed ashore on a beach south of San Francisco. Many more experts who include veterinarians, marine biologists, researchers and student volunteers have all tried to determine the cause of this death.

sperm whale

According to the Scientists, more time will be required to analyze and get to the bottom of this death. This is regardless of the fact that the whale had shown signs of trauma and was also emaciated even though squid beaks were found in its stomach.

This large marine mammal cannot just be disposed of like that. A veterinarian at the Marine Mammal Center, Dr. Claire Simeone, has said that multiple agencies are putting their efforts together to define the best way forward.

A necropsy had been performed on the whale by Veterinarians and marine biologists, but they could still not determine the cause of death. However, Laura Sherr who is the Marine Mammal Center spokeswoman has confirmed that the whale did not have any broken bones.

“There was no indication of blunt force trauma even though some hemorrhaging was found in the muscles of the animal,” she asserted.

The investigation will be very intriguing because of the solitary nature of this sperm whale. Hence, the actual death of this whale is likely to remain a mystery since even the necropsy is not anywhere near into revealing the cause.

Basic measurements of age, sex and analysis of diet have been done already. As per the research biologist, Lauren Rust, these are some of the areas that the team of experts involved in this is looking up to, to gain a better acceptance of this endangered marine mammal species.

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