Scientist at the Norwegian University for Science and Technology at Trondheim have since concluded that there is no clear relationship between mental health problems and the use of LSD. This is after an intense study that was carried out in 135,000 people randomly chosen and whom 19,000 of them were said to have used mind – altering drugs. With over 30 Million US adults having used psychedelics drugs, clinical psychologist Pål-Ørjan Johansen says there is no much evidence that can be pointed out.

Way before the study was conducted; the effects of psychedelic drugs had been put into publicity and the US government had put a ban on the use of most of these drugs. The ban was not only on sale and consumption purposes but also on their use for medicinal purposes.

The simple justification to this ban was said to be “acid casualties” where many people developed a fear that the use of psychedelic drugs would lead to psychosis.

A study reveals that the use of psychedelic drugs is not related to mental problems

By the way, the Government’s Chief Adviser on drugs, David Nutt got fired in 2009 after he insisted that LSD was less any harm compare to alcohol. His argument which was not found valid was that LSD could help the terminally ill in making them feel part of the one world.

However, a new study has since created a positive awareness to the public about psychedelic drugs. The public has since embraced what would have been erroneously judged after the study revealed that the previously known addictive compounds could treat diseases like cancer.

Never the less, Matthew Johnson, the Johns Hopkins University associate professor says that they still cannot completely rule out that psychedelics have not caused any harm to individuals. According to him, there could be rare cases but again he stated that the harm caused could have been overstated.

All said and done, the reconsideration for the use of LSD and mushrooms has still not been passed despite the comeback of the scientific interest

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