New York – After nearly five months apart, Katie and Dalton Prager who are both said to cystic fibrosis celebrated the good news of their reunion. Hospitalizations had kept the couple apart. As it is now the 24-year old Katie is scheduled for a lung transplant.

And while his wife was at the University Of Kentucky Hospital, receiving treatment for her severe lung disease, the Twenty-three-year-old Dalton has been convalescing following a lung transplant in Pittsburgh in November.

A young couple reunites and celebrates good news about their health

The procedure for Katie to have a lung transplant had been put on hold for several months due to insurance issues. It is then that the couple’s story was featured by CNN and their dilemma over payment issues.

“It would not have been possible to pull through without the help of CNN”. Katie stated. “Dalton and I have received overwhelming support from people all over the world courtesy of CNN and we hold them dear to our hearts”.

Dalton was cleared by his doctors to leave Pittsburgh and headed straight to the doorway of his wife’s hospital room. However, he could not go beyond there because he would be risking an infection from his wife’s illness.

“The feeling is indescribable and it hard to imagine that I can’t run in and hug her”. Dalton said as he watched from afar Katie opening her Christmas presents which he had not been able to give her.

On a statement that was released Monday, Kentucky Medicaid said that it would issue a provider’s number to which would be beginning of Katie’s treatment.

“We have the best interest of the patient at heart and we can assure you that we are working on any administrative issue that has been presented”. Jill Midkiff, Kentucky Medicaid spokeswoman said. “We are hopeful that we shall get UPMC’s transplant team to enroll as a provider”.

Katie is not certain when she will get her transfer to UPMC. However she is optimist that the transplant will come in time for their fourth wedding anniversary.

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