New York – Recent reports show have revealed that more adults have turned to misusing Adderall drug as a stimulant in an effort to enhance their work productivity. This is the most abused drug according to the reports that have recently emerged even though it could provide successful strides in a competitive work environment.

The drug, which is an amphetamine-based stimulant was suspended last September. It is a compound of four stimulants and mainly prescribed to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children and adolescents.


Many people will do anything to remain alert at the workplace according to the report. Other drugs that have been used for this purpose and are said to improve memory performance include Nootropics, which contains amino acids, caffeine and herb extract.

Regulators have said that these can easily be accessed through online purchase. In the worst case scenario, some people will pretend to suffer from ADHD so as to lay their hands on the prescription and get the drugs.

However, doctors have warned about these drugs citing that they are dangerous if used without the needed diagnosis or guidance of a health care professional. Some of the effects of this drug include and signs of drug-addiction, irregular heartbeat, and hallucinations.

There is increased the supply of these stimulants from the illegal drug dealers and more so to college students. The Deputy Director of National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), Dr. Wilson Compton says that the rate at which college students are abusing drugs is alarming and increasing by the day.

“These college students need to realize that these drugs have their outcomes as they look forward to getting themselves into the corporate world where adult roles are acquired,” Compton pointed out.

Some of these stimulants have been categorized as legal by the US Federal laws and are said to be sources of vitamins. This has been considered as one of the reasons why users are choosing the drug because one can easily get them at any medical store.

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  1. equivilency

    Uhh people abuse adderal. What was the point of this article? In fact, isn’t cocaine a corporate drug too? Of course Adderal can be unhealthy. Show me one drug that will give you something for nothing..

  2. Tim

    and yeah, this article is a freaking disgrace and kind of highlights that the internet is just a freaking cesspool.

  3. Gaby Raileanu

    This was one of the worst articles I have ever read. It doesn’t have an end. Its just a failure. Awful.

  4. A.C. Cramer

    This was one of the least informative and poorly written articles I’ve ever read.

  5. Karl Davis

    What dangers exactly? Of course anything pushed to an extreme is dangerous – anything. I’m wondering though, at moderate doses, if there’s really any harm. Coffee is associated with decreased Alzheimer’s risk. What if they’re beneficial? Are we just going Puritan here and with a new “naturalist” spin and saying we shouldn’t try to step beyond our natural limits, even if that means we make poor decisions and have poor work quality?


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