Adobe is breaking the legacy of drawing objects with pencil and paper and then finalizing it on a tablet or computer using advanced graphic software with the newly launched app announced for the iPad. Adobe today announced a new app that let designers draw the concept for their upcoming design. 


The app that was announced today gives developers access to the several features and colors stored in the Adobe creative profile and the CC or Creative Cloud libraries. Support for different gestures allows the designer to draw a rough sketch, and the algorithms turn them into a perfect shape. For example, if the designer is making a rectangle, then the app will turn it into a perfect rectangle, and scribing over it will erase what has been drawn.

“Doing creative work on a mobile device is only useful if the results can be synced to the desktop, where the project can be perfected in a precise, professional-grade tool like InDesign or Photoshop,” said Adobe vice president Scott Belsky. “With Comp CC we’ve simplified the design process, helping creatives take their initial layout-designs on iPad and make them the basis of high-impact finished work on the desktop—all thanks to Creative Cloud.”

Adobe has also included several ready to use presets that are building blocks for most of the design. One can find gestures ranging from circle, square, rounded rectangle and more. The app works seamlessly between the mobile and desktop applications with the help of Creative Cloud that translates the work done on the iPad to the desktop without a pain. It also allows several members to work flawlessly on several devices, desktop-to-desktop, mobile device-to-device and mobile device-to-desktop.

Adobe, without a doubt, is one of the biggest players in the industry when it comes to design and graphic related jobs.

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