The WHO has advised against the Caesarean section delivery procedure stating that it carries health risks and should be performed only when is extremely necessary. For to be mothers, who are already afraid of the much feared caesarean procedure, there is a reason to be more alarmed. The experts have stated that the caesarean sections account for 10%-15% of births.

cesarean birth

Even though it is a known fact that the procedure is capable of saving lives, in situations where the baby is in distress or the women are in obstructed labor. However, new studies suggest that it still does not account for higher mortality rates in a country.

There has been a rise from 12% to 25% of births being accounted for by c-section in UK, since 1990. The increase is worldwide, reaching to 50% of births in Brazil. These statistics can be associated with an increasing number of doctors believing that the procedure is safer and women trying to avoid the pains of going through labor.

Although, these beliefs might be true and c-section does offer and easier way out, it does still mean that the women have to stay in the hospital much longer and go through hysterectomy or even run the risk of cardiac arrest.

The new mothers are not the only ones in danger though; studies also show that babies born through caesarean are more prone to end up in the ICU after birth. WHO, advises the patients not to take the risk, since the effects of a c-section on mother and child are still not completely clear.

The WHO has also asked for initiation of studies into the psychological and social health of mothers who go through the procedure.

Additionally, the international organization has also asked to clarify the possible outcomes of the procedure through these studies. The highest rates and demands for caesarean section have been identified to be in the third world countries. WHO has warned that these demands should be met differently as per the case of the patient and not by statistical figures.

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