Wildlife Haven Rehab Inc is a Florida based nonprofit organization dedicated to the rehabilitation of wildlife in the state. The sanctuary has among its inhabitants a black bear named Abner. On Friday Virginia Riggs visited the sanctuary with the aim of adopting two birds. She was being taken around the place by Mary Arche who is a co owner of Wildlife Haven Rehab.

Virginia took fancy to Abner who is a black bear in his enclosure in the sanctuary and stuck her arm into his enclosure in order to pet him. Abner did not like this gesture and took it as a threat. He attacked Virginia and John Arche who is the co owner of the sanctuary had to rush into the enclosure to make Abner leave the attacked lady. She was rushed to a hospital in Tampa with a seriously injured arm.

Incidences Of Trying To Get Familiar With Wildlife

There are many incidences of people trying to get too familiar with wildlife either in zoos or in sanctuaries and they face the consequences of their actions. In spite of the fact that people visiting zoos and sanctuaries are given ample warning regarding how they should behave with the inhabitants, these incidents continue to grow in number. There is the recent incident of a young man being mauled and killed by a tiger in its enclosure in India.

Despite the repeated incidents and regular warnings people do not refrain from interfering with the wildlife in zoos and sanctuaries. Actually the wild animals in their enclosures are as dangerous as they would be in the wild and one should refrain from interfering with them. Black bears are extremely aggressive animals and they can easily presume any gesture to be a threat to them. This is what happened in the case in Wildlife Haven Rehab Inc, which is allowed to keep black bears on site. The incident is being investigated by the Pasco County Sheriff and the Florida fish and wildlife conservation commission.

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