According to BBC, Six American soldiers have been killed in an air crash in the Southern Afghanistan. The news was confirmed by the ISAF or the International Security Assistance Force spokesman.

It is still not clear what caused the Air crash, was it due to technical malfunction or due to enemy action. An investigation is underway to ascertain the cause of the air crash by the ISAF.

The area has seen little enemy activity and the crash could be caused due to a technical malfunctioning of the aircraft. The victim’s nationality has been confirmed by the US Defense Department.

The deputy governor of Zabul province spoke to Associated Press news agency that a NATO helicopter had crashed in the remote district of Shajau. However it was not clear if the Deputy Governor was referring to the same incident. The helicopter crash has been one of the worst in the recent times. There has been a number of air crashes involving NATO Aircrafts in the past. The accidents have been attributed to technical faults in the aircraft or enemy fire.

The deadliest incident happened in 2011 when a Chinook helicopter crashed over Wardak province killing all the 38 people on board. Taliban had claimed to have shot down the aircraft but its claims have not been confirmed independently. Most of the dead were Americans.

ISAF is handing over the security of whole of Afghanistan to Afghan forces but more than 97000 troops still remain in Afghanistan. The ISAF is comprised of troops from more than 50 countries. It includes about 68000 US troops.

All combat troops are expected to leave Afghanistan by 2014 to be replaced by a smaller force which will be limited to giving advice and train and will need approval of the Afghan Government.

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