‘Yuppie Flu’ is a new illness discovered by researchers. Not too long back, the debilitating symptoms of fatigue syndromes are real and not just in one’s mind. There has been series of controversies over the past 30 years. It’s now revealed that myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) triggers immune responses on human body. This causes ill health and fatigue. This discovery has been timely and now treatments to combat the vagaries of the ailments are also pronounced.

yuppie flu

Yuppie Flu Likely Among Professionals

With the inception of newfound grounds or premises of Yuppie Flu, maligners or sufferers’ stigma would be eased out. ME affects women in larger numbers than men. Already 250,000 Britons have been affected by this chronic fatigue syndrome. The sufferers are aged primarily between 20 and 40 years of age and are more likely visible amongst professionals.

There is extreme pain in limbs, mental and physical fatigue. This affects concentration, memory and digestion. Sufferers feel so weak at times that they drop out of jobs and often may become bound to bed or wheel chairs. The new discovery reflects that this is no psychological disorder.

How Was Claire Jones Affected With Yuppie Flu?

Not long before, Musician Claire Jones had the world swooning for her. Quite suddenly, the fatigue syndrome affected her, and this made her bed-bound for a period of three months. She suffered from ‘bone-sapping’ fatigue. On May 2013, she was down with excruciating pain all through her body. Besides, she suffered from digestion issues, migraines and dizziness. After running from one doctor to another, a sympathetic consultant diagnosed her with ME, and was back to Wales to attain child-like care from her mother who nursed her.

Yuppie Flu Still In Nascent Stages

The blood samples of ME affected individuals had distinct chemical signature. The blood contains different compounds that immune system discharges to defend human body from chronic infection. Science Advances reported that immune protein and interferon gamma were prevalent in larger volumes.

The findings are still in nascent stages. Experts conjectured that the finds are indeed preliminary and they are trying to figure out immune changes that would take this research to newer heights.

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