The fallout of the blitzkrieg Protective Edge by Israel on Gaza is getting it a lot of bad publicity and there are talks that UK is reviewing its arms export to Israel. It could be similar to the Cast Lead embargo which had covered a wide range of military hardware which included body armor, drone components, and missile parts and are said to be worth over $13 billion.

According to Reuters, U.K. is in the process of reviewing all its arms export licenses to Israel in view of its conflict with Hamas and the ongoing Protective Edge operation. UK had taken similar steps during Operation Cast Lead in 2009. It is almost four weeks since the present assault on Gaza Strip was started by IDF to stop relentless rocket attacks by Hamas on Israel. The death toll in the Protective Edge operations has crossed 1800 from the Palestinian side. On the other hand Israel has lost 64 soldiers in this conflict.

A spokeswoman for Prime Minister David Cameron told reporters that the decision was taken last week to review all export licenses to Israel after operation Protective Edge. Earlier a report by a British parliamentary committee last month revealed that approved contracts for export of dual use or military goods to Israel are worth more than 7.8 billion pounds or $13.12 billion. It included body armor, drone components, and missile parts.

The Cameroon government is facing a lot of flak from the principal opposition party, The Labor party, for not condemning Israel onslaught in Gaza, particularly the huge number of civilian casualties which included children and women. The ruling party however rejects the allegations.

The spokeswoman said, “Clearly the current situation has changed compared to when some licenses will have been granted, and we’re reviewing those existing licenses against the current situation but no decisions have been taken beyond going back again and reviewing.”

A similar situation happened in the months following the Cast Lead operation by IDF in 2009, when Britain informed Israel that it was canceling five security export licenses and would not supply replacement parts and other equipment for Sa’ar 4.5 gunships because they participated in Operation Cast Lead in the Gaza Strip.

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  1. Kurt W

    Israel’s Foreign Ministry welcomed on Friday the call by the European Union (EU) for terrorist groups in Gaza to disarm.
    The EU’s call came in a statement in which the bloc offered to take charge of Gaza’s border crossings and work to prevent illegal arms flows.
    “Israel, like the foreign ministers of the European Union in their statement tonight, places great importance on the Egyptian initiative to achieve a long and steady calm,” said the Foreign Ministry’s statement.
    “Israel welcomes the ministers’ repeated calls for the terrorist organizations in Gaza to disarm. A commitment to the principle of demilitarization, which will be implemented by an effective monitoring mechanism, will ensure that the situation changes fundamentally,” the statement added.


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