A movie theater has now banned Google Glass, head wearable from Google (NASDAQ: GOOG ). Calling it threat to privacy, the theater, Alamo Drafthouse, banned the use of Google Glass in any of its theaters across the country. However, Google Glass can be used at the theater’s floor, but wearing it while watching a movie is certainly not allowed.

According to the theater’s founder, this is a “policy only about piracy concerns.” He personally also suggests about not using any distraction while watching a movie and camera have always been banned inside the theater. Since Google Glass is capable of recording videos of 10 secs or more, head wearable has been banned as a video recording device. This head wearable from Google Glass, clearly leads to other problems, including privacy breach and piracy.

Google Glass is just head wearable running Android, it has the same features one can find in a smartphone. It can help you navigate, take calls, or even send messages. However, since it has a camera pointing towards, it is being considered as a device that can breach your private space or do illegal things.

However, most people are unaware that Google Glass can be detected whether its active or not, a little glow over the glass in the Google Glass clearly makes anyone aware of it.

The ban will mostly make the people suffer who are having Google Glass with prescription lenses, only choice now left is to carry a separate pair of glasses. The theater officials said that the Google Glass are allowed in the auditorium till preview has not started.

Google Glass has seen major upgrades in past two years, and we are expecting to have more at the Google I/O set to happen by the end of this month.

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