Late Friday, a major earthquake of 7.0 hit the remote region of the Aleutian Island off Alaska’s coast. Several aftershocks rocked the area in the hours following the quake. Witnesses said a rumbling sound similar to a jet taking off shook homes and had residents scrambling for safety.

More than 36 aftershocks, including one with a magnitude of 6.1, struck following Friday’s quake, said the U.S. Geological Survey.

One eyewitness said she could hear the quake coming. She had been at her computer in Adak, a tiny village in the Aleutians when the quake hit around 8:25 am. She said it just became stronger and stronger. She ran outside and her wind chimes were all moving.

There still is no report of any injuries or damage from the quake, which occurred in an area that is seismically very active. The quake was felt strongly be those in Atka, a small community of Aleut and in Adak a larger community nearby.

No tsunami warnings were triggered by the earthquake itself or any of the following aftershocks.

The quake was centered approximately 67 miles of the coast southwest of Adak or about 1,200 miles from Anchorage. The shaking from the quake lasted for as long as a full minute.

The aftershock that measured 6.1 struck in the general area of the quake at approximately 10:39 pm on Friday. No reports of injuries or damage were made following the aftershock.

Geophysicists said that aftershocks could take place over the next couple of days. There have been 30 or more thus far since the quake that have been at a magnitude of 2.5.

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