Unofficially, the hostage crisis in Algeria has officially ended. In what has been a difficult event to follow due to the location and the lack of information released by Algerian officials, it seems the crisis is over and authorities are scouring the plant to check for bombs, survivors and victims.

On Sunday, officials from Algeria said that numerous bodies had been found as they were searching for any explosives the Islamist militants might have left behind. Saturday’s deadly raid ended the standoff between the militants and the Algerian government in the remote facility located in the Sahara.

One official, who requested anonymity, said many of the bodies found had been disfigured and were difficult to identify. He said the bodies of the dead could be those of foreign hostages or Algerians. On Sunday, nations were left waiting for a full accounting of those missing after the four-day standoff ended with what is believed to be 23 hostage deaths and 32 militants killed.

A spokesman for the government of Algeria said he believed the number of deaths would increase. He said he was concerned that the death toll would be revised upwards. He also added that special forces from the Algerian military were continuing to secure the natural gas facility and look for any remaining bodies.

On Sunday, David Cameron the Prime Minister of Britain said three people from Britain had been killed and it is believed that three others have died.

People will not start questioning the response of the Algerians to the events that took place during the past four days. Cameron however, said that the responsibility of all of the deaths and for the standoff was in the hands of the Islamist militants who launched a cowardly and vicious attack.

Norway is waiting to hear the fate of five more missing workers.


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