On Tuesday, the security services in Russia claimed they had arrested an agent of the CIA who was posing as a U.S. Embassy employee in Moscow. The Russian’s alleged that the agent was attempting to recruit a secret service agent from Russia to work for the U.S.

Russia’s Federal Security Service announced the detention of a man they identified as Ryan Fogle on May 13 for the attempted recruiting of an agent from Russia.

Workers at the U.S. Embassy did not comment on Tuesday’s reports when contacted by news agencies Tuesday morning.

A news agency in Russia reported that a FSB statement said Fogle had been arrested while in the possession of technical devices, written instructions from the citizen in Russia who was being recruited, a large amount of cash and a means to alter his appearance.

Following his arrested and his processing by security services, he was released back to the diplomatic mission of the U.S. in Moscow.

The FSB said the man was masquerading as a diplomat in the U.S. Embassy, but was in truth an employee of the CIA.

A photo of Fogle was provided by FSB and was published throughout the media in Russia that allegedly showed his diplomatic ID car that had been issued in Russia. A picture was also published showing when the man had been arrested.

In one other photo, the man appeared sitting down with short hair and on a nearby table were a backpack and a blonde wig.

The Foreign Ministry in Russia confirmed that Michael McFaul, the U.S. Ambassador in Russia was summoned to the Ministry following the incident.

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