People tend to use aspirin to take care of different health related issues, especially heart related diseases. Recently, a study was conducted, which found that 11% people or 1 in 9 of those who take aspirin for preventing heart diseases, increase the risk of stroke unknowingly. The study has kicked out the saying ”An aspirin a day, keeps the doctor away.”

Aspiring Does More Harm Than Good:

According to reports published in New York Times, people don’t need to take baby aspirin to prevent stroke and heart diseases. Recently conducted research claims that aspirin may do more harm than good to one out of every nine people who use it regularly. A research paper, which was published recently in The Journal of the American College of Cardiology stated that researchers took into consideration 68,808 people. All those people used to take aspirin on a regular basis for keeping cardiovascular disease in control.

When a detailed medical check-up of all those people was conducted, researchers found that more than 11% people or total 7,972 people out of those 68,808 had less than 6% risk. New York Times stated that The American Heart Association guidelines considered the aspirin as a preventative medicine for those who had 10-year cardiovascular risk of 10% or more.

Reports published in The Los Angeles Times claim that taking daily aspirin can prevent strokes and heart attacks by stopping blood clots from forming. It counteracted COX or cyclo-oxygenase, which stopped blood cloths, but at the same time, it could also enhance the risk of excessive bleeding. The second situation arose when blood failed to clot. It’s the main reason that aspirin was not that advantageous for 11% people (who have an average age of 49.9) as it was for the remaining (average age 65.9-year-old). After this study, one thing is clear that people should not consume aspirin unless they are told by any good doctor.

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  1. Dodger

    Big Pharma can’t make any money from aspirin. C’mon folks wake up to these kind of stories placed in the media for the sake of media sponsors. If aspirin were invented today it would never become over the counter and cost over $100 per pill.

  2. Sharron

    Really? I think it is time to stop all this stuff since every week we are told to stop doing something that we were told was the thing to do! Maybe the best advice is to tell people to live with moderation, get a check up now and then, don’t get so obese that you kill your joints, and enjoy your life. These medical recommendation retractions are getting too frequent. I know I’ll die one day but I don’t particularly want to bring it on myself trying to prevent something that may never happen anyway.

  3. teapartydoc

    “Any good doctor”–yeah, right. Might as well flip a coin.
    If you want to see health care offered at affordable prices competitively, you will have to wait until medical licensing is abolished. Licensing is why health care is currently a hyper-regulated monopoly. Ending licensing is the only way to get the government out of it.

    • michael james

      It’s not the government keeping the prices going up and up and up. Go see Big Pharma, Big Insurance, Big Medical Establishments/Hospital Systems — it is all a money-making concern, not a health care concern. The only health they’re interested in is their wallets’. The more you cut government regulation out, the more they can make, and the faster they charge more. And the rest of us are stuck with it.


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