Amazon today announced Dash Button for re-ordering the common household products with just push of a button. The company also introduced a new Dash Replacement Service, which knows when the products are going to run out of the stock, and when to order them again.

The futuristic approach from Amazon can probably eliminate the need of worrying about the everyday things going out of the stock. Whether it is the grocery or items, which go out of stock in a particular period. Amazon is going to take care of them now with this new innovative technology called Dash Button and Dash Replacement Service.


With Dash Button, one can expect courier guys to ring the doorbell without you ordering anything. It is a service similar to a product launched almost a year ago, where you can speak of a product or scan the barcode to order it from your Amazon account. It was used to create a list of products with barcode scans and voice commands.

This new technology almost similar to that, however, what company learnt from the Dash that the customers were ordering the same products over and again by scanning the bar code and with voice commands. The new Dash is a device, which you can place on refrigerator or cabinet. It has a button linked to each brand, including Gillette, Cottonelle, Gatorade, Kraft, Olay and Tide, and you can choose among these to receive a free button. Anyone with a Prime membership can receive this Dash button for free of cost.

The button for a particular brand can help you order a product with just a press. As soon as you press the button, the Dash blinks two LEDs, one green and one white, and Amazon knows that you have placed an order for the items associated with that button. Rest is all about courier service providers and the Amazon warehouse location, however, in most of the cases the package will be to you in 48 hours.

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