51 year old Andy Rubin, the brain behind the Android operating system at Google Inc., has decided to leave the company after a hugely successful ten year stint with it. More than 70% of the smartphones in the world now run on his Android software. Rubin is planning to form an incubator focusing on hardware technology at Mountain View.

“I want to wish Andy all the best with what’s next,” Chief Executive Officer Larry Page wrote in an emailed statement. “With Android he created something truly remarkable.”

Rubin’s startup company, Android Inc. had been acquired by the search engine giant, Google, in 2005. His hard work and diligence finally paid off as Android emerged as one of the most formidable rivals to Apple owned iOS.

Rubin had stepped down from the Android division in March 2013 to take charge of the robotic wing. With him at the helm, Google acquired many robotic companies, the most noticeable acquisitions being Boston dynamics (known for its robots-BigDog, a four legged robot and Atlas, a six foot tall humanoid robot) and Schaft (a Japanese company which shot into fame after building a two legged robot which can climb stairs while maintaining its balance).

Rubin will now be succeeded by James Kuffner, a research scientist and professor at Carnegie Mellon University. The biggest task at Kuffner’s hands as he takes over the reins from Rubin will be integrating Boston Dynamics and Schaft within the Google fold. Kuffner has many years of experience in the robotics field, says The Wall Street Journal.

“He has even spent several years working on Google’s self-driving car. He’s also a driving force in the field of cloud robotics, in which robots can use the information and computing power from distributed data centers to reason and perform more efficiently.”

Rubin is not the only big shot to have left Google this year. Earlier, Vic Gundotra (Google Plus in charge) had left the company in April and Nikesh Arora (Chief Business Officer) had left in July. That should not be taken to mean that Google is heading for any leadership crisis or facing any problem. Recognized and respected as one of the world’s best employers, Google has never had any trouble attracting the best brains.

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