Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) has quietly removed the eBay app from the featured Watch apps. Responding to this, eBay has assured about the app re-listing in the coming few weeks. The reason behind this abrupt removal is still unclear, but as far as one knows it was done to remove any confusion regarding which apps are available to download and which are not.

“The eBay Apple Watch app will be making its way to the store in the coming weeks,” said an eBay spokesperson.

For now we can assume that the arrival of the eBay app for Watch has been delayed for at least few more weeks. The eBay Watch app says that it has been designed to take the full advantage of the Taptic engine for the notifications. Without much of trouble, users will now be able to get notifications about the products they are watching and updates about the bidding, right on their wrist.

Developers are moving ahead to develop apps for the Watch and take full advantage of the hardware, however, there can be apps that have not been tested on the device itself. Apple Inc invited a bunch of developers to come in the places that have been specially established to develop apps for the Watch, however, they aren’t allowed to take away the wearable with them or bring in any except the MacBook and iPhone.

Apart from that, Apple Watch is one of the best companions for the iPhone. Users are experiencing improved battery life on the smartphone, and it is now comparatively easy to check the notifications without pulling the device out.

Apple Watch has gained enormous popularity, however, the reservation process and wait time of nearly two months is refraining users from purchasing it. It’s been reported that the Apple Inc is asking for a period of about two months to ship the product. Undoubtedly, Watch production line has been hit with some serious supply issues.

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