Apple has bought Beats Music, but will continue to let Android and Windows Phone users play their favorite songs on this application. Analysts consider that this is a risky decision, because their users will be tempted to switch sides and will opt for the rival platforms.

Apple closed a deal with Beats Electronics, owned until now by Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre, but the tech giant will continue to stream music on Android and Windows Phone devices. Eddie Cue, Apple Executive, has confirmed this news at the Code/Conference.

Lucky Android and iOS users

Beats Music was launched in January 2014 as a streaming service, offering their customers access to unlimited tracks and albums. On May 22, the Beats Music app was updated for the Windows Phone OS, and six days later it was updated for Android and iOS. If until now, there was a seven days free trial to use this app for Android and iOS, Apple decided to extend the free trial to 14 days.  With this occasion, the annual subscription’s price was cut with 17%, from 119,99 dollars to 99,99 dollars.

Beats Music is still a “baby”

Beats Electronics was sold for the price of $3 billion and the former co-founders decided to join Apple. Beats Music has 250,000 paying subscribers, but it’s far behind Spotify, Rhapsody or any other rival streaming services.

But analysts believe that Apple is risking a lot by letting Android users to listen their favorite songs on Beats Music. But in reality, Apple has an interest on keeping this music streaming service on Android. They’re making an experiment by examining both Android and iOS device owners’ interest, which will help the company decide what the next step they’ll take is.

From now on, you can download the application from Apple’s App Store, Windows Phone Store and Google Play.

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