Cupertino –  Apple (AAPL: NASDAQ) is getting ready for its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). The annual conference brings rumors from Apple’s fan base discussing new hardware and software updates for existing products. While Apple is expected to focus mainly on iOS 8 and OS X 10.10, here is a list of potentially new products and updates that may debut also.


Apple iOS 8

The update to the mobile software is strongly hinting at focusing on health related apps and data. With the rise of ‘wearables’ and several companies like Jawbone and Fitbit releasing products that focus on sleep, food intake, calories and overall heath it makes sense for Apple to get the software ready for a device like an iWatch down the road. An app code named “healthbook” is set to release with information such as steps taken, miles traveled, and calories burned. It also is set to keep track of weight, BMI and body fat percentage.

Another potential update is the voice assistant Siri. With a partnership with music identification company Shazam, Apple will probably give Siri the ability to identify songs and potentially purchase music via the iTunes store when the song is identified. Another thing to expect with the iOS update will be a refresh to the Maps. The update may include a new feature called “transit” that will help travelers who rely on public transit as a mode of travel.

OS X 10.10

With an update to the Maverick OS, Apple may be bringing a change to better reflect the current iOS 7. Code named “Syrah”, the OS X is also indicated to have changes for longer battery life, graphics processing and overall performance. Aesthetically, the new update is supposed to have more white space and may have a “flat design” feel.


The biggest hardware rumor so far is the potential of an iWatch that will bring apple into the ‘wearable’ market. The smart watch itself is not a new concept, but the company has hired several new employees from the health field lately to potentially gain traction in a new market: health and fitness.

12-Inch Retina MacBook

Another possibility is the release of a 12-inch screen size MacBook. The 12-inch would have the benefits of portability of a smaller screen size and the productivity of having a screen larger than 11-inches. A new track pad and no fan in the computer are also hinted as new updates. The Macbook could feature the new Intel Haswell processor chip.

Apple TV

The last update was in early 2012 for the Apple TV and this could be the year it gets a refresh. The company has added new channels and potentially could add Bluetooth connectivity for game controllers.

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  1. Michael Walker

    I think you mean a 12-inch retina Macbook *AIR*? Lazily researched and written article.

  2. james braselton

    hi there yeah live calender app and live email icon too like windows 8 live tiles


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