Apple has released a number of details of the upcoming iPhone 7, at the company’s recent fall event in San Francisco. Having leaked early on Twitter, the new iPhone will respond to a range of feedback from consumers and critics. The new iPhone will be available for pre-order starting September 9th, after which it will hit stores on September 16th. Models will start at $649. However, in response to widespread complaints from tech writers and the public, the base amount of storage is now a 32 GB solid state drive, with 16 GB no longer an option.

Apple also focused on improvements to the iPhone camera. The rear-shooter on the phone will include optical image stabilization. This means the new lens will physically move in its housing to compensate for the movement of the user’s hands. The front facing camera will increase to 7 megapixels instead of 5. The iPhone 7 plus will also include a second camera lens, meaning that it will include both a wide angle and a telephoto lens. The iOS camera app will allow the user to switch to the telephoto lens and use optical zoom, allowing up to 10X zoom.

The iPhone 7 will no longer include a standard headphone jack. It will instead ship with earbuds which plug into the Lightning connector, as well as a Lighting to 3.5mm headphone jack adapter. In addition, Apple announced wireless earbuds which will be sold separately, called Apple Airpods. The Airpods will boast some interesting capabilities in addition to being entirely cord-free.  They include a new “W1” microchip which is Apple’s first chip designed specially to connect wireless devices quickly and easily. With the use of the W1 chip, the Airpods will automatically try to connect to Apple devices within range, as soon as their case is opened. The case also functions as battery housing to recharge the earbuds. As if all this weren’t enough, the earbuds include a microphone which will allow the use of Siri without a screen. They hold about 5 hours of charge, with the rechargeable case holding an additional 24 hours of backup power. The Airpods will sell for $159.

The new home button of the iPhone 7 will be force-sensitive, instead of a physically pressed button, similar to Force Touch and 3D Touch on prior devices.

The iPhone will be available in four colors, including Silver/White, Black, Jet Black, and Rose Gold.

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