War between Apple and Samsung has benefited Apple Inc in positive as well as negative ways. As this war has been considered as one of the reasons to increasing popularity and sale of Apple devices over the globe, in Indian sub-continent, Samsung has captured smartphone market thanks to their budget smartphones.

Apple, who has lost large share of its market in India, has decided to come up with 15000 INR price tag which is as less as around 10k INR than their previous market price of 26,500 INR. Though this prizes were not confirmed by Apple, one of iPhone careers in India were spotted saying about it. Apple stopped production of iPhone 4 around a year back in order to boost sale of its successor versions. California based company is expected to sale its inventory iPhone 4 devices which were manufactured before the decision of stopping sale was taken and are just lying in the storage.

This decision is not only profitable for Apple but also for customers who have always waited for budget iPhone. Apple has never had launched a device in India below 30k INR price tag. With iPhone4 to get reintroduced below 20k, huge boost in sale of this once popular iPhone variant can be seen.

Though this news is confirmed from various resources, it will be interesting to see when actually devices will be available in stores. Apple is expected to take advantage of Republic Day sales and reintroduce Apple iPhone 4.

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