In recent months, Apple has been undergoing testing with screens for their iPads that are nearly 13 inches diagonally and iPhone screens that are larger than the 4-inch current size.

The tech giant, based in Cupertino, California, is said to be exploring the screen sizes for their iPhones up to as big as 5.7 inches.

A report last month said the company had been considering introducing a minimum of two larger iPhones during the next year, one with a screen that is 4.7 inches and one that has a much bigger one at 5.7 inches.

Observers believe Apple is looking into increasing the size of their screens on their iPhone in order to attract those consumers that have been smitten with the Galaxy Note 2, which has a 5.5-inch screen and the Galaxy S4 with its 5-inch screen.

Some reports that came out of Asia say that Apple decided to delay the release of its iPhone 5S so it could switch to a screen size that was larger.

It was thought that the 5S would be hitting the market sometime during September or the latest October. However, that date has been pushed back at least until the end of this year. One reason was to increase the size of the screen to 4.3 inches from its current 4 inches. That was reported last week by the Commercial Times.

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