Fresh allegations have arisen of worker’s rights violations against one of Apple’s suppliers at factories in China. The tech giant’s supplier Pegatron Group has been accused of the violations.

Human rights group, China Labor Watch, alleged that in three factories of the Pegatron group, there were a large number of Chinese and international standards and laws violated.

The violations included excessive work hours, contract violations and underage labor. Once the report from the human rights group was made public, both Pegatron and Apple immediately said they would investigate the alleged incidents.

A statement released by the Cupertino, California based Apple said the company was committed to providing fair and safe conditions for workers throughout its supply chain.

Jason Cheng, the CEO at Pegatron said in a company statement that the company took the rights allegations seriously and would investigate all of them completely with actions immediately taken if any violations of the company conduct code or Chinese labor laws were violated.

Apple, one of the largest firms in the world, has dealt with similar worker’s rights claims. One of its largest suppliers, Foxconn faced accusations of violating the rights of workers.

Foxconn factories conditions were under severe scrutiny following a number of suicides by workers at different plants.

The China Labor Watch executive director Li Qiang said their investigations have found that the labor conditions inside Pegatron factories are now worse than the factories run by Foxconn.

The rights group said it found that the average working week in the three different factories it had investigated were 66, 67 and 69 hours respectively.

It also alleged that in the Shanghai Pegatron factory that workers were made to sign a form that said their overtime hours were less than what they had actually worked.

The group says that workers do not last long at the factories due to the poor conditions with 30 of 110 new workers leaving after only two weeks at one factory.

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