Apple, Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) recently updated a new version of the iCloud Drive for the Windows user, however, the surprising thing here is that it is yet to arrive on the Cupertino giant’s flagship OS, Mac OS X Mavericks. On Wednesday, Apple unveiled the latest version of the iCloud Drive for Windows where Mac users need to have the upcoming Yosemite, which is still in development, running on their machines.

Mac users had no luck as the Yosemite is still in beta, and there are no chances that it will be landing in the coming week. Apple announced to launch it before the end of this year, and is expected to launch anytime after September of in first week of October.

Windows users require to download, install and reboot their computer to give iCloud a shot, however, they still require either of the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to use it. Apple iCloud does not allow the users to have a storage account at it without an iOS device or Mac. Company restricts any other user to set up and use the iCloud on their computers.

The iCloud Drive is probably the answer to the Dropbox and Google Drive services running on almost every platform; the company aims to provide better cloud storage features to its users to store their photos, documents and every other important file. It is not necessary for the user to buy a Mac with an iPhone or iPad to use the iCloud drive. Apple is now providing better solutions for the users not owning a Mac computer.

By default, iCloud has three folders, Keynote, Numbers and Pages and Just like any other cloud storage app, you can drag drop your files and upload them to the cloud.

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