The rumors of Beats Music shutting down have been put to rest, as Apple plans to merge it with iTunes. When Apple acquired the Los Angeles-based Beats for $3billion, it was believed that the company could use Beats Music as much as the high-end Beats by Dr.Dre headphones. But, now the company’s real intention is coming to light. According to an insider who is close to the company’s plans, Apple will be shutting down the separate Beats Music app and will be merging the digital subscription service with its iTunes in early 2015.

As of now, Apple Inc hasn’t commented on the reports. Most probably, there won’t be a trace of Beats inside the iTunes, but the company might transfer all subscribers to its iTunes digital music subscription service. The technology giant also has the ability to either reduce or increase the subscription charges along with premium features.

Merging Beats Music with Apple iTunes would be an added advantage for the company, because iTunes has over 800 million users already. If Apple chooses to shut down the service and integrate it into iTunes, the company will be left with Beats technology, the staff and the range of Beats headphones. iTunes and iTunes Radio haven’t done as well as the company had hoped, and, faced against the likes of Pandora, Slacker, Google Play Music and Spotify, Apple had to do something to get into the game. Now the fate of Beats is supposedly coming to light.

Apple has already reported sales in iTunes have decreased and most of that is attributed to users streaming music instead of buying it. Users are starting to see the benefit of paying a monthly fee to listen to a huge amount of music without ever having to store it locally.

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