Apple, Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) recently updated its Privacy Policy ahead of iOS 8 release. The privacy policy includes the details necessary for everyone to understand that the Cupertino giant is not taking away the personal data and or the information, neither they are selling it to any third party companies.

Apple said that the new iOS 8 allows anyone to store files so securely that it is technically impossible to break it even for the police and state-sponsored people. The encryption on the device is so strong that it protects the individual intellectual property from being stolen away for the data harvesting. Earlier company was facing issues about storing individual’s fingerprints and other confidential details with them.

The company itself cannot break the encryption on the device, and is very clear about not storing the keys for them. Apple also launched guidelines for the law and enforcement which stated that Apple is not storing any keys on their servers. Apple launched this document for the law and enforcement to know that the company shall not be held responsible for the device key as it is not storing them.

Apple stated, “These Guidelines are provided for use by law enforcement or other government entities in the U.S. when seeking information from Apple Inc. (“Apple”) about users of Apple’s products and services, or from Apple devices. Apple will update these Guidelines as necessary. This version
was released on September 17, 2014.”

Cupertino giant made it clear that unlike other companies, Apple do not have an access to the users’ passcodes, which can allow an access to the data. For Apple to access the passcode, which is intended for the user to access files and the accounts, is next to impossible.

One important thing to be noted down is that, these safeguards are only in the new iOS 8 update, and it is yet to implement in the iCloud or other online accounts an Apple user may have.

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  1. earth

    Most data is stored in the cloud and a warrant can be used to get to the data that way. Dont forget celebrity porn gate on iCloud – this doesn’t address it. Your data can still be hacked. Dont be fooled by Apple’s reality distortion propaganda.


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