Many users have reported online so far that iOS 8 is causing the bad WiFi signal reception and faster battery drainage as compared to what they used to get on their devices with iOS 7 on it. The latest version of Apple Inc.’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) mobile operating system iOS 8, which was released last week on September 17th is causing some serious troubles to the users who have updated their iPhones and iPads.

Starting off with the trouble in the update, iOS 8 is now causing battery drain and is responsible for slower WiFi connections. Most of the users are now chiming Apple support for the battery and buggy WiFi, and, unfortunately, this can’t be undone by installing the old iOS 7 back. Most of the user complain about WiFi not working, whereas some are stating that the new iOS 8 update WiFi bug is making the Internet crawl on their devices.

Apple Inc. is always about not being first, but better, however, this time it seems like the company is not paying much of attention to the problems associated to the products they releasing. Whereas on the flip side, same reports are being received by the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus users. They have complained about the slow Internet connection and or the battery drain issue.

Users complained about photos taking ages to upload, where the speed-test reflected at about 0.02 Mbps download, and 0.76 upload. It seems that Apple took us back in the late 80’s where the Internet was just getting started. The Internet speeds are terrible for now.

In a recent complaint posted online, a user said, “Thank You Apple for ruining my iPhone with iOS 8 update,” it is now very clear that the company needs to update the current version of iOS 8 to fix all the issues that are being faced by the users.

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