As the New Year draws ever so closer, rumors of Apple’s iPad Air Plus begins to intensify despite the lack of any official announcement from Cupertino. Fans are getting excited as this device could have a 12.2-inch display and changes to the underlying operating system to make it fit.

A rumored mock-up of the device has been leaked online, and it gives us an example of what this APPLE INC (NASDAQ: AAPL) tablet might look. Furthermore, there is a possibility Apple might make the big announcement next year, though at the moment it is not certain exactly when this could happen.

The display of the concept image looks quite attractive, which is mainly due to the huge bezel. If this is indeed the design Apple is going with, we hope the company cuts down on the bezel and allow for an edge-to-edge display instead.

Apart from the screen, rumors have it that the Apple iPad Air Plus will come with an A8X or A9 chipset, Touch ID sensor home button, and a slimmer frame when compared to the iPad Air 2.

The video below should give fans an idea of how large the Apple iPad Pro is compared to the company’s existing iOS devices. Clearly the tablet is a monster, and we suspect the Cupertino giant might consider following in the footsteps of Microsoft by offering a keyboard for sale.

The main reason why such a tablet would need an external keyboard is due to its size. We can’t imagine using our fingers to type a lengthy document on it, so if Apple really wants to go down this route, the company might have no other choice but to play ball.

Mass production of the Apple iPad Pro has been rumored to be pushed back to the second quarter of 2015. This means the tablet’s release date could happen in September of 2015 if production or software issues doesn’t cause for another delay.

The big question that definitely needs an answer is whether or not consumers will gravitate towards a 12.2-inch Apple tablet. We shall see how consumers and die-hard Apple fans react in the coming months should Apple make this big announcement.

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