Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) latest flagship smartphone duo is already on sale in 22 countries around the world; however, the smugglers in rest of the parts are selling them at an absurd price. Chinese black market is smuggling iPhone 6 duo from different countries, including US, Canda and France, around the world and then is selling them at a price that is three to four times more than the original price.

However, Cupertino giant is almost ready to release its next generation smartphone in South Asian countries, and so the black market has started losing the price of the device. Previously which was around $4,000 for an iPhone 6 Plus 128, has come to $2500.

New York Times reported that the gray market for the new iPhones has already dried up. The NYT estimates that tens of thousands of iPhones were smuggled to South Asian countries from Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore.

According to the reports, sellers on the street were forced to sell the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus at prices from $1060 – $1,436.

The possible reasons for it could be that the people are taking less interest in new iPhones while other could be that the Cupertino giant is almost ready to launch it in the country.

However, the question here is that how Chinese smugglers got hold of iPhone 6 and its sibling iPhone 6 Plus when it was already sold out over a week.

A video that appear on the Internet reflected that people lined up outside the Apple stores before it was launched, and purchased it for all cash. They were not purchasing an iPhone or two, instead a number of it.

Outside the store, the devices were being exchanged for cash or a service. The video reflected that a man was checking the condition of the purchased iPhone and then was taking away with himself.

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