Apple has announced a whopping sale of 43.7 million iPhone units around the world. Even though it leads Samsung in the U.S., the Cupertino giant is now probably the most preferred brand around the world. The company made a profit of more than $10 billion in this quarter — only $9 billion last year. What analysts believed was that the company would hardly generate a revenue of $43.2 billion by the end of the first quarter this year, the total revenue generated by the Apple was $45.6 billion instead of $43.5 billion.

Tim Cook, CEO Apple Inc, said “We’re very proud of our quarterly results, especially our strong iPhone sales and record revenue from services. We’re eagerly looking forward to introducing more new products and services that only Apple could bring to market.”

Unlike its rival — Samsung, Apple is yet to announce any new line of products and in order to have more profit in the coming few quarters, Apple must introduce new products, including iWatch, in the market.

However for the time being, iPhone 6 is one of the most awaited product from the Apple. Rumors for the upcoming iPhone 6 doesn’t seem to settle down, and analysts are predicting that the company would launch the two variants of the iPhone 6. One having a screen size of 4.7 inches and another with a screen size of 5.7 inches.

iPhone having a screen size of 4.7 inches is nothing new, but making a move in producing “phablets” would probably destroy the existing market of companies like Samsung. For now, only Windows and Android phones come with a large screen, and it will be the first time for Apple to introduce a “phablet” in the market.

There were few reports stating a customer might have to pay an extra amount of $100 to own a new iPhone 6, but if Apple refrains itself from hiking the price, with bigger screens and iOS, a customer would probably go for an iPhone 6 with 5.7 inches.

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  1. Guest

    I switched to Android from IOS because I got tired of the draconian controls Apple insists on inflicting on it’s customers. I bought a Note 2, then a Note 3 because they had fast processors, big screens, and long battery life. So tell me: how is Apple’s 6 inch phone going to change any of this?

  2. J Mclean

    I was going to complain about this article…seems everyone already has….good.

  3. Dr Dre 78

    I am an Apple computer user, former iPhone user. Apple will never: have a stylus, open architecture system, “swype”, predictive word completion, widgets, etc. Samsung does, will, etc.

  4. strongpimphand

    I saw this article on Google News. I hoped there was a comment section to this.

    This is hands down one of the dumbest articles I’ve ever read. Apple coming out with a rumored phone the size of my Note 3 will NOT make me go run and grab an Apple phone!!!

    People do NOT settle on their phones typically. I know folks who won’t upgrade their phones until they can afford a newer iPhone, and vise versa. There may be some who will feel the need to switch, but, the idea that the Note product line is going to “vanish” is laughable and troll-worthy. You may have gained a website click from me, but, you lost any and all respect that I never had for this site…

  5. Kenneth R Leitch

    This is ridiculous. The majority do not want Apple and its closed garden. The Note 4 will be a smash hit, just like the other Note devices have been.

    • Mj.Tinsley

      I just purchased a GS5 because my note 3 screen busted yet I am still going to purchase the note 4. The day Apple will be a serious threat will be they stop relying on Samsung and other companies to manufacture the key parts for their phones. Then again that will probably be the day they fail for good.

  6. Pranav

    Knowing apple it will probably price such a product at 900$… at that rate it wont kill anyone… i

  7. cd

    what propaganda from a fan girl… gee wiz wake up and smell the coffee, are you on the pay roll of apple or what. any way you look at it open source android is here to stay as it has over taken any apple ios. 80% of all smart phones run on android…

    • jjsul

      I agree that Apple will not be able to erase Samsung from the phablet market, but the 80% statistics you used in only including Q3 of 2013. If you look at all smartphone users to date with active phones/plans, about 41% are inning an Apple iOS device and 26% are running Samsung (~40-45% on and Android device).

  8. Shower News | Apple iPhone 6 may vanish the Samsung Group Note series

    […] Full article […]

  9. manjeet

    And the reason Samsung Note 3 series will vanish because iPhone 6 or any Apple “phablet” is going to be bigger..Seriously you need to give other companies more credit. Note 3 isn’t just successful because it’s “bigger”
    Speaking of large form factors, the iPad isn’t doing too well and I guess the reason has to be with price.Android tablets are much cheaper and offer the same amount of functionality.

  10. IAF101

    Apple is “probably” the most preferred brand in the world ? Really ??LOL @ Truthiness.

    Here is a fact to compare Apple’s “brand preference” . 10 million Samsung S4s were sold in the first month of its release in 2013. And the recently released Samsung S5 has beaten the S4’s opening day sales by 30% so far.

  11. jakeson

    wow what a nice conclusion and you severely underestimate the note series lol and note fans are quite loyal

  12. KupKrazy

    It seems that someone always writes an article about how it’s the doom for X device because Apple is about to bring something new out – and it time and time turns untrue. It makes me wonder if the author of this article just woke up and slept through all those years where the demise of Samsung and Android were predicted over and over again by the Apple advocates.

    • Mj.Tinsley

      I have been a long time Samsung customer with phones, tablets, and tvs. Now I might be a little biased because I swear by Samsung but I recently cracked the screen on my note 3 and used my upgrade to purchase a new phone. For some screwed up reason I decided to try the iPhone 5s. It was so horrible I returned it within 18 hrs to buy the Galaxy s5. The only reason I waited that long was because the store was closed. Iphones look nice , clean, kind of sex but that’s it. They are extremely basic, plain, blah. How could apple ever destroy Samsung especially where Apple needs Samsung to make their chips, screens etc. I know I can’t speak for the majority of the world but the people I know and spoken to that switched from Samsung to Apple hated the Iphones / ipad. The ones who actually switched from Apple to Samsung disliked it the complexity of it in the beginning. Once they learned how to work the product’s ended up loving it. I will give Apple credit for their marketing team. They are creative geniuses always over hyping their products and making it seem as if Apple is going to change the world. Apple is marketing that’s it. Sorry for the long ass rant.

  13. DarkMatter

    Sorry but Apple entering with a larger Screen is nothing new,maybe for Apple but not the industry.There are Android users and there are Apple users simple as that.I personally prefer Androids customisation,features and freedom,add to that many Android phones feature expandable memory and removable battery,a selling point for me.Just a curious side note,for years Apple users complained Android phones were to large and wouldn’t fit in their pocket but we (Android users) knew better,so know I guess this will either alienate pundits of the smaller screen or turn them into hypocrites. If the leaks floating around are any indication to Apples forthcoming phone it’s starting to take on some physical “Androidish” characteristics.Apple has now supposedly moved around the buttons to accommodate one handed use,funny… buttons are in the same place on most Android phones,so since Apple has now adopted this form factor it’s now acceptable and appropriate for one handed use? Frankly Samsung you have nothing to worry about.

  14. agenius

    dream on 🙂 Samsung dominate phablets. There’s a reason for that…


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