Foxconn has confirmed the manufacturing of next generation Apple iPhone 6 with two different screen sizes. Foxconn stated that the company is now working on to manufacture the next Apple iPhone 6, which will eventually launch in August 2014.

Apple iPhone is unarguably the most famous product among the Cupertino giant’s catalog, and with two variants of iPhone 6, with 4.7 and 5.5 inches of screen, it might sweep out other handsets, including LG G3 and HTC One M8.

We heard in past that iPhone 6 might have 4.7-inch display or 5.5-inch display, but it seems that Apple is working on two different variants.


The official statement by Foxconn is given below:

Foxconn to Land 5.5-inch iPhone Orders

5.5 and 4.7 inch iPhone will be manufactured by Foxconn in 2014

MUMBAI, India – June 2, 2014

Foxconn, world’s leading manufacturer of computer components and systems, is going to manufacture both 5.5-inch and 4.7-inch iPhone in 2014.

According the sources, Foxconn will supply 70% of the 4.7-inch iPhone shipments for 2015. The 4- and 4.7-inch iPhones will be the main sales force of Apple for 2014. Foxconn’s plants in Zhengzhou, China are expected to start supplying the 4.7-inch model in July and start manufacturing the 5.5-inch one in August.

Obviously for a launch of these products to happen in the fall, manufacturing needs to start now. We should expect more leaks on these finalized products going forward, as Foxconn is famous for not keeping things under tight control.


WWDC 2014 is over, and we saw no sign of the new iPhone. It was reported that September 19th is the day when Apple will officially release the next iPhone. The statement also confirms that Foxconn will start manufacturing the 5.5-inch version in August, hence September is probably the month when we will see a sign of the new iPhone(s).

Apple’s upcoming iPhone is surely the most anticipated device of 2014. Companies like Samsung and HTC introduced their flagship devices recently, and it’s a known fact that both HTC and Samsung are arch-rival of Apple, so Apple has to hurry if they want to take their lead back.

But the question now is, can Apple win back their old customers with the new iPhone? The new iOS 8 has a lot of new and good features, and when it will be released with the iPhone 6, it might give Android OEM’s a run for their money.

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