Apple Inc (NASDAQ : AAPL) is expected to release its much anticipated and well rumored smartphone, iPhone 6, this year in September. Japan Business Times reported that the Cupertino giant is ordering high resolutions display—Retina 2, from  Sharp, Japan Display and South Korea’s LG Display.

Apple has also been reported  that a Taiwan company—-Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., has started producing chips for the next generation of smartphones from the company.

Digitimes reported, “Foxconn Electronics is expected to land orders for 90 million units of the iPhone 6 from Apple in 2014,” where Chinese language Commercial Times stated, “Buoyed by shipments of iPhone 6, Apple’s smartphone shipments are expected to rise 23% in 2014 compared to 13% growth posted a year earlier, the paper quoted Wei Chen, an analyst at Citigroup Global Markets, as saying”

The screen for iPhone 6, which will be made out of the sapphire glass—tougher than Gorilla Glass, would be of 4.7-inches and 5.5-inches. The 5.5-inches, somewhat close to being a “phablet”, may turn out to be flop like the iPhone 5C, which was launched last year with the iPhone 5S.

Powering it with a next-gen A8 processor, the new iPhone 6 will be a complete a health tracker for the users. The device will come integrated with sensors to measure blood pressure and sugar level in the user’s body. Its is also expected to come bundled with other sensors including barometer and temperature sensor.

The company is also going to integrate a new app called ‘Health Book’, for the users to track and keep up with their health. Apple has also been applying for many patents for iOS and iDevices.

Samsung, its rival, has also recently launched its latest flagship of Galaxy smartphones— Galaxy S5, which is yet to be released in coming few days, will come bundled with many features which Apple is yet to introduce, but the comparison reflected Apple iPhone 6, with its rumored specs, is making a clear win over the Galaxy S5.

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