A French blog recently published schematics for the upcoming iPhone 6 . The dimensions printed on the sheet showed that the upcoming Apple iPhone 6 is going to have a length of 150 mm and and a width of 85 mm. On the grounds of leaked schematics, one makes an easy bid that the Cupertino giant is bringing large screen smartphones this year.

Someone at Weibo, a Chinese micro blogging website, also posted three images about the upcoming flagship. Assuming these are from the Foxconn, out of three, two images showed an iPhone 6 in the test facility, where other one was just a 3D design of it. The iPhone is comparatively thin and large in size with round corners for the users to have a firm grip on the phone.

At the another end, in Japan, a magazine, MacFan, also came up with iPhone 6C schematics. The iPhone presented in it is similar to the current generation iPod Touch and has rectangular side buttons. As every new iPhone is having a Touch-ID in place of home button, all these upcoming models are also going to have it.

iPhone 6 has also been rumored to have a screen made out of the sapphire crystal instead of Gorilla Glass, it will be powered up with a powerful A8 processor and will be having a 1 GB of RAM. In recent reports Apple was also rumored to order “ultra-retina” displays from leading Japanese and Korean companies.

Except the iPhone rumors, the Cupertino giant is also in trends for patents the company has applied for. In recent days, Apple had a patent about ‘Transparent Texting’ and a stylus. ‘Transparent Texting’ is for allowing the users to text even while walking, the screen will provide an illusion that its transparent. Where the stylus, being just an iPad accessory, is a complete new innovation from the company. It can be used as a pen, pencil or even a brush and is having processor and sensors to capture real world colors.

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