It’s been a while since Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) introduced the next generation of the Mac OS X 10.10, also known as Yosemite, at the WWDC 2014 held a few months back. It is without any doubt that the Mac OS Yosemite is one of the best OS the Cupertino giant has ever launched, and it is coming this Autumn.

Apple is expected to ship the latest Mac OS by the end of the September or in the first week of the October. The Cupertino giant, however, did not promise any confirmed dates, analyst believe that it will land on October 10.

However, before Apple rolls out its brand new OS, here is what we get with it.

Apple has significantly changed the user interface, and now has a user interface like the current iOS 7. However, it has still maintained a depth, which we can say that it lies in between the Mavericks and the iOS 7. First thing you will notice in the new Mac OS 10.10 is that the sidebar is translucent, and colors appear through the frosted glass look.

Mission control now looks even better, and its cool UI blurs out the background with the ability to drag the windows into their virtual desktops. There is nice to change to the calendar also, for example; one can easily what’s coming or what has been done with easy to use pop over, which, in fact, move around the entire desktop.

The Spotlight has also changed a lot, instead of being at the top it now comes in the middle of the screen and allows you search or perform actions without having a need to open the application for it. For example, it can show you the meaning of the word, files, a movie search and even tells you the nearest theater playing, which makes it a lot more handy and easy to use.


Coming to another great feature, the notification center. The notification center now gets more cool features including new apps, different clock faces and a lot more. You can now move the required and not required apps to the other area.

Coming to the Safari, Apple has delimited the toolbar section, and it now looks all nice and tidy with only one URL on the top. However, it is very much similar to the Safari in iOS. However, you can still switch to that view if needed. Not only the UI, Apple Safari now also have some significant changes under the hood. One can easily play the videos and another content without any need of Silverlight or anything similar.

Apple has also made some noticeable changes in the iMessages too, such as sending a voice message and a lot more. However, the Cupertino giant has delimited the difference between an iDevice and the Mac.

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